Anguilla is a hundred miles north of St. Kitts

Anguilla by Roy Googin and Wikipedia

When Owen Lloyd left Treasure Island (Norman Island) he marooned William Blackstock, a one-eyed Scotsman, William Dames, an Irishman from the Eastern Shore of Maryland, and an old man named Charles McClair. Blackstock helped officials at Tortola recover some of the money left by Owen Lloyd. He was allowed to leave with some of the money and travelled to Anguilla. Governor Benjamin Gumbs had received word from North Carolina about the theft of the treasure and became suspicious of Blackstock. Governor Gumbs arrested Blackstock and seized over 1,100 pieces of eight. Blackstock fled without his money. Later, in 1751, Captain Bonilla’s attorney, John Watson, was able to recover from Governor Gumbs 600 pieces of eight and was allowed to retain some of the money found as a reward.