Havana, Cuba


Morro Castle

Morro Castle at entrance to Havana Hrbor

Havana was Spain’s commercial hub in the New World. Ships from Mexico, and Central and South America would convene hear and join multimillion dollar galleons for the return home to Spain. In 1750, the treasure fleet left in the spring, Stragglers which came in to late to make that sailing organized for a late summer crossing. They saw the 56 gun warship, La Galga, planning to make the same trip so the Governor of Havana gave permission for other ships to join her. But La Galga was met with delays forming a crew and loading cargo. The nervous captains knew that these delays were putting then closer to a possible hurricane. On August 18, 1750, seven ships cleared the harbor. One of them called the Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe was carrying the treasure which would be immortalized in Robert Louis Stevenson’s Treasure Island.

It was the events in Havana, Cuba, that ultimately set the clock for the Guadalupe’s rendezvous with history.