St. Eustatius

THe prison that held Owen Lloyd

Fort Oranje, St. Eustatius. It was here that Owen Lloyd was sentenced to death

After Owen Lloyd buried his loot on the real Treasure Island, he stopped at St. Thomas, St. Croix, St. Kitts, where he was told that he was a wanted man, and then ended up at St. Eustatius. Some of his crew went ashore to have some rum and celebrate their big haul. Their reckless spending was brought to the attention of Johannes Heyliger, the Governor of St. Eustatius. He promptly arrested Lloyd, Zebulon Wade, Thomas Hobson, Abraham Pritchett, James McMahon, and Jonathan Deacon. Two others were lucky enough to get away before they could be arrested. A trial was convened and everyone but fourteen year old Thomas Hobson was sentenced to hang. Governor Heyliger had received a proclamation from Governor Samuel Johnston of North Carolina to be on the lookout for Owen Lloyd and his crew and the stolen treasure.
Because of the death penalty imposed by Heyliger, permission was needed from the authorities in Amsterdam before any hanging could take place. This delay bought Owen Lloyd the time he needed to make his escape. His wife’s family at nearby St. Kitts gathered money together which Lloyd then used to bribe the Dutch guards.
On January 27,1751, Owen Lloyd and the others made their escape and fled to St. Kitts. Owen collected some past debts, gathered up his wife, Christian, and fled to St. Thomas in the Virgin Islands and bought his protection from the Danish governor, Christian Suhm.